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Salexpander.com – Is your gateway to new business and partnerships. Services for vendors, distributors and marketplaces.

About us

We provide complete sales, marketing and logistic services for Marketplace business and Internet retail. Online inventory, complete data integration and order fullfilment from A to Z distributed from 1 place. One data, one stock, any customer. No matter how big your company is, if it is a Marketplace or B2B – this platform is open to everyone!

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Just choose the right pricing plan that fits your needs . In case you search for an individual pricing plan and/or advisory or other services, contact us.


Sales commision 9% from the revenue
Limit of sold products: 1 000
Sku’s in inventory: 2 000

Fix fee per month: 499 EUR

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Sales commision 8% from the revenue
Limit of sold products: 2 000
Sku’s in inventory: 10 000

Fix fee per month: 999 EUR

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Sales commision 7% from the revenue
Limit of sold products: 10 000
Sku’s in inventory: 30 000

Fix fee per month: 1499 EUR

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Or let’s set up your individual pricing plan based on your exact needs, contact us.

Why us?

of revenue we helped our clients to gain so far

up to 180 000 active sku’s
in daily data feed to all our customers including Amazon, Mall group and others

And the most important: we invested time and money to build up a platform that gives you the time and tools to focus on just 2 things: competitive pricing and product availability. It’s that simple and that is what makes us different compared to other platforms!




logistic facility



Services for sellers

Why become a supplier in our platform? One datafeed and if price is interesting and stock available, you can sell in 24 hrs to Amazon EU, Amazon China, Amazon Seller central EU28, Mall group and many other customers using our complete logistic and fulfillment services!

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Services for buyers

Why become a buyer from our platform? You can search for the most convenient purchase on-line and make a choice among more than 100 suppliers, hundreds thousands sku’s, and dozens of other categories! Check if you current buying source is the most convenient one and compare with ours!

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Salexpander.com – Your gateway to new business and partnerships. Services for vendors, distributors and marketplaces.

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Our partners

Consulting, distribution and platform specialists for B2B and B2C sales expansion open to all vendors and distributors, searching for new markets and customers all over the EU.

  • 16 years of experince on the market of retail, e-tail and export in CEE region and EU
  • 84% of the companies that contacted us in order to find the new business, got it
  • 0% overhead or additional costs and „invisible“ risks
  • 100% easily measured results
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